Brandon Leatha, the Founder and CEO of Leatha Consulting LLC, is an expert in digital forensics, eDiscovery, and data analytics. With over 18 years of technology consulting experience, he advises clients on digital forensic investigations, eDiscovery, and cybersecurity. Mr. Leatha has extensive experience with enterprise software including both on premise and cloud-based email, database, line-of-business applications, and custom software solutions. He has performed forensic investigations on hundreds of devices ranging from computers and enterprise servers to smartphones and IOT devices. He has developed custom solutions to identify, preserve, and produce relevant information from a variety of challenging data sources including social media, mobile applications, cloud storage and encrypted data sources.

Mr. Leatha has been a corporate 30(b)(6) witness, a court-appointed neutral computer forensics expert, and has testified on numerous electronic discovery and computer forensics issues. He has a certificate in computer forensics from the University of Washington, has earned both the GIAC Certified Incident Handler (GCIH) and GIAC Certified Forensic Examiner (GCFE) certificates, and is a licensed Private Investigator in Washington State. He has been an active member of the Sedona Conference Working Group on Electronic Document Retention and Production (WG1) since 2005 and is a Board Member for the Computer Technology Investigators Network (CTIN). Mr. Leatha has provided training on electronic discovery and digital forensics for seminars, CLE courses, and industry training events. Prior to Leatha Consulting, he was a Director at Washington DC based iDiscovery Solutions (iDS) and the Director of ESI Consulting and Data Analysis at Electronic Evidence Discovery (EED).

Brandon Leatha - Owner Leatha Consulting

Brandon Leatha